Despite all life must go one and the UK will always be the great nation that became a


Lisbon, 30th January 2020

On January 31, 2020, at exactly 11 pm, after years of negotiations, the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the European Union, by its own choice and decision.
For Europe it is like one of the brothers is leaving the family home and that is why most of the other states fell sorry for the departure. We have to consider that being a “wealthy brother” ( the sixth bigger world economy) and one of the biggest financial and defense contributors, the European Union is likely to feel slightly week internationally.
Despite all life must go one and the UK will always be the great nation that became a bastion of democracy, humanity and an exponent of western civilization.
On the other hand, the EU will follow its course of progress, life quality and most important, Peace; as never achieved during her 65 years.
A lot will be written about Brexit, causes and consequences, but let’s be objective almost half (in 2016) of the British population wanted to remain in EU, Scotland is still looking for the way to remain even if it means leaving the United Kingdom and becoming independent. None of this will be easy, especially for the British government, changing the Status Quo of the last 47 years, although not being part of Euro and Schengen area, shielding behind a hypothetical Anglo-American alliance or on Commonwealth whose noble goals produce timid results.
After this brief introduction to this question, many more facts could be addressed regarding the economy, finances, goods movement and so on…

But we rather focus on what is important: People.

During the negotiations, it was established that citizens residing in various European countries will continue to be treated as the same as before. The latest statistics point 300 thousand Portuguese living in the UK and 28 thousand British in Portugal.

what is the future?

Next Monday,  February 2th, negotiations will begin in the different areas between the parties, which will be complex and time-consuming from the outset, as Mr Barnier, the high representative of the EU, has already declared that the EU would not make the same mistake he did with Switzerland, which to date has more than 160 trade agreements, which has proved to be a real legal puzzle.
In the face of these and other undefinitions, what should British citizens who want to be part of the European project do? Studies indicate that in the 2016 referendum, it was young people and the urban population who voted against Brexit, and who aspire one day to be able to live, study and work in Europe.
What are the options to follow to achieve this ambition? Simple, countries like Portugal have programs that allow the most diverse professional activities and with the right of residence.
Portugal, in addition to the most advantageous European Golden Visa programs and for High-Net-Worth Individual (HNWI), also offers several residence permit options for research or highly qualified activities. And offering very attractive tax benefits under the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) system for the first ten years.
In short, the decision to improve our lives and ours for a safer country, with more sunshine or whatever reason makes us happy, it makes no sense to allow these decisions to be managed by macroeconomic policies between countries and organizations.

How to move forward?

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Duarte Jardine

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