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Finding the right home, in the right location, is critical to ensuring your relocating employee’s satisfaction and them being happy and successful settled in their new location.

Home Search

We provide home search services in. Finding the right home, in the right location, is critical to ensuring your relocating employee’s satisfaction and them being happy and settled in their new location.

It is the home search service that goes a long way to ensuring your relocating employees are satisfied with their home life and will subsequently enable them to work more effectively in their new role.

Finding the right location and the correct home for them depends on having a clear understanding of their personal needs as well as the business requirements of your company GETiN provides a flexible home search service designed to match both of these elements and achieve the best value within budget and policy all aimed at ensuring the long term success of the employee’s relocation, which can be converted into business performance.

GETiN always uses home search professionals as part of the accompanied tour with expert local market knowledge and experience.

Temporary Housing

Whether it is a short-term relocation or a long-term assignment, temporary housing is typically used to accommodate the relocating employee and any accompanying family prior to moving into permanent housing.

GETiN offers a range of temporary housing options to suit any short-term living requirement, including serviced apartments and short-term lets. Our relocation professionals help by advising on the most suitable option for your relocating employees based on their particular circumstance. Our aim is to provide the best available temporary living at the most cost effective price.


Managed Home Sale

A managed home sale programme relieves your relocating employee of the burden of the pressures of selling their home during the relocation process.

Your relocating employees will be safe in the knowledge that they will receive a fair market value for their property.GETiN takes over the whole process of marketing the property. GETiN’s home sale specialists have years of experience in managing home sale programmes in all market conditions.

GETiN will manage the property portfolio. GETiN will manage all valuations, identifying appropriate agents, finding third party buyers and coordinating the onward sale of the property. Santa Fe manages all this, leaving your employees to focus on their new role and you to focus on your business.

Tenancy Management

Managing multiple tenancies as part of a relocation programme can be administratively intensive for your department. For the relocating employee, dealing with tradesmen, suppliers and leases is an unwelcome and time consuming distraction too.

GETiN‘s tenancy management service reduces the impact on both you and your relocating employees. GETiN provides full support throughout the period of the tenancy, assisting with lease negotiations and dilapidations so that you do not have to. GETiN also provides payment services that ensure you maintain control of your costs at all times.

Property Management

GETiN has a full property management programme designed to assure your employees that their property achieves its maximum rental value and is managed correctly while they are on assignment.

GETiN will manage real estate agents, cleaners, professional tradesmen and other third parties to ensure that the property is maintained. GETiN will oversee every aspect, including the collection of monies payable and insurances.

GETiN‘s professional management service includes drawing up and execution of tenancy agreements. Upon instruction from the client, GETiN will contact the employee to provide an overview of the service and take account of their personal preferences in respect to the property. At this early stage GETiN would discuss the pros and cons involved in this process and make the employee fully aware of the full circumstances of letting a property and manage their expectations accordingly.

Departure Services

Each of your relocating employees may complete multiple assignments for your business. GETiN can manage and administer every aspect of your relocating employees’ expatriate lifecycles. This means that when it comes to finishing one role and starting another, or returning home, GETiN offers a complete departure service that closes down their existing programme and prepares them for the next stages.

GETiN will make arrangements for close down of all items relating to the home, schools, notify local authorities, notify benefit providers and tax providers, coordinate payroll providers, initiate the relevant relocation process and set up tracking.

For onward assignments, GETiN will help with immigration requirements, prepare them for their new location, handle letters of assignment, conduct a briefing with needs analysis and organise relocation services in line with your policy.

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