[Spanish] Forbes Magazine Best Countries for Business List puts Portugal as a better location to do business than Countries such as Germany (#21), the United States (#23), France (#26) and Spain (#29).


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[Spanish] Cheap rents, a thriving cultural scene, ludicrous levels of sunshine and a high quality of life may have drawn young talent from all over the world over the past few years

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[Spanish] Very good climate, low cost of living together with some of the most beautiful settings in Europe, growing art & culture scene and at the same time a very vibrant and booming star-up scenery are reasons why the whole world have their eyes on Lisbon.

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[Spanish] It may be the world’s most beautiful wine region. It’s also got spectacular landscapes and a scattering of World Heritage sites. Douro cuts across northern Portugal, snaking 200 miles from rugged wilderness
Grapes grown on its steeply rising banks have been sending forth legendary port wines for centuries.

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[Spanish] The world became slightly less peaceful in 2016, Portugal, which built on gains last year to rise nine places to fifth globally. Europe was the region that suffered most from terrorism compared with last year, with Turkey, France and Belgium among the most affected.

It now accounts for six of the top seven places in the global rankings. The highest-ranking countries in the world remain unchanged from 2015: Iceland, Denmark and Austria. The largest improvement in the region was recorded by Portugal, which built on gains last year to rise nine places to fifth globally. This reflects continuing improvements in the context of the country’s gradual return to political normality following its EU/ IMF economic and financial adjustment process. Notwithstanding the difficulties faced by the left-of-centre government elected in 2015, Portugal has recorded a second year of improvements across numerous dimensions, notably the likelihood of violent demonstrations, but also the Political Terror Scale and political instability. Among the other Eurozone countries to have exited similar bailout arrangements, there were only minor movements: Ireland roughly maintained its score while Spain and Cyprus saw slight deteriorations, Greece, slipped back …


[Spanish] Lisbon is a multicultural city, thanks in no small part to Portugal’s imperial past. It also offers a good quality of life (the beach is 10 minutes from the city centre) and a cost of living that is much lower than in other European capitals.Support for early-stage ventures is growing now that a cluster of incubator programmes is up and running.

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