School Search

When relocating, most families say that their biggest concern is finding a great school for their children. Let your adventure start off right with school search services from GETiN!

We have on-the-ground teams who are expert in school search. We can present you with local and international school options and help you identify a school that best suits your families educational needs. We can arrange to accompany and introduce you to the schools and their educators, and also provide admission application assistance where possible.

Our international school search program provides the following services:

  • Individual student needs assessment
  • Identification of school options based on needs assessment
  • Provision of school addresses, telephone numbers, administrator names and a brief overview for each school
  • Co-ordination of appointments with school officials and presence on school visits and tours
  • Advice on required forms and paperwork

Contact us today to ! Will help you set up your school search with a GETiN expert.